Guideline for installation of curtain walls - 2022-08

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Produktinformationen "Guideline for installation of curtain walls:
2022-08 -

Guideline for installation of curtain walls: 2022-08, based on German Edition 2022-03.

The construction and manufacture of curtain walls are one of the most difficult and challenging tasks in the building area. However, to ensure that this also reaches the builders, competent and professional installation is indispensable. To provide installation and façade experts with fundamental, scientific and practical know how based on the ift experience this Guideline was compiled by ift Rosenheim experts and published by the RAL quality association of window and facade manufacturers. The content is based in many areas on the installation guideline for windows and exterior doors and is significantly expanded and deepened in the chapters „Fastening“, practical execution and the execution examples.

Proper installation is essential for the functionality, quality and value of a facade. The installation guide describes and explains the recognized rules of technology and is thus a practical and indispensable aid for architects, planners, specialist planners, site managers and installers. In order to ensure the implementation of this installation standard, training and further education of the installers is of great advantage.

Proper and professional sealing, insulation and fixing of curtain walls as well as the fundamentals of structural engineering and building physics are explained in about 270 pages in a scientifically substantiated and practical manner. This is supplemented by standard details and many practical examples. This offers a lot of benefits to system providers, manufacturers, architects and technical planners as well as to installation experts.

Especially the practical explanations for professional sealing, insulation, and fixing facilitate a direct utilisation for customised installation guidelines. The fundamentals of structural engineering and building physics as well as the technical principles have been described in detail, including the necessary formulas and technical parameters. They are supplemented by many figures, diagrams and practical examples. The materials and installation systems available in the market are described in detail, independent of the manufacturers or brands, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Finally the most important installation details for a moderate climate and typical constructions of Central Europe are explained with the help of drawings as well as building physics parameters (isotherm curves, fRSI factors etc.) and they serve as templates for project-based and companybased planning of the work.

The examples described are adapted to a moderate climate (Central European climatic conditions or comparable climate) and rooms with normal indoor climate. In cooled or air-conditioned rooms, the system must be checked with respect to the building. The consideration and evaluation must involve the entire external wall. The model is not applicable to cooled rooms and to buildings in tropical latitudes. The legal or standardised specifications for Germany are elucidated in form of notes. They help experts who orient themselves to these markets.

In this way, the Installation Guideline serve as an indispensable practical assistant for the planning and execution of professional installation of windows and external pedestrian doors. We hope that this Guideline will help you as international experts to improve the quality of installation and finally to raise the customer satisfaction and the success in your business.

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